*Swats Fly On Keyboard* ..That Was My Last Life! D:

Review by wackyy on Tuesday, April 10th 2012
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Planet Slingshot is a game created by spazskater45


I thought that too. Swatting flies on keyboards gets annoying, especially when they're attracted to SPACE buttons. Regardless, I'm reviewing Planet Slingshot by Spazskater45. It'll be hard repeating that, I'll just call him spaz for short. Spaz made this fantastic original space game consisting of sling-shotting a man thing through space. I'll grab my ice lolly and begin. Wait, if I play this while I review and eat my ice lolly, I'm gonna have to swat the fly again. Aw.


You're used to this being my best category in most of my reviews. However, that changes today. The controls for this game are so horrific I'm scared it might give me nightmares. You hear the word "slingshot" and you think of angry birds. Not moving spacemen around planets and loosening the gravity. However, it was a fun and strange concept, and made it terribly difficult! I don't kid. Transporting spacemen between planets is a weird and hard concept. If you were aiming for a tiny, small low planet from above, even if you let go at a physic's advantage point, you'd still plummet to the red line of DEATH. It's so frustrating having to restart the game about 20 times in a row just to get to a decent point to review it from. "Planet Slingshot" is not as simple as you think. Kind of like my game making days.. D:


The Planets look delicious. Yes, they look like some balls of sweet chews. They also look like real planets, which make it all the yummier. This sadly distracted from my ultimate goal of providing a good review. Although, I still did somehow. Possibly the most utterly annoying part of the Scenery is he BIG RED LINES. Yes, these things I call BIG RED LINES get annoying. They kill you upon contact and there are waaay too many BIG RED LINES. By now, i also realized that the spaceman is a raccoon and his name is Cinder. Ohhh.


What was that? You want me to tell you about the puzzles? What puzzles? Oh, sorry, there are none. Yup. There are barely any puzzly bits. At most flying Cinder through the planets at the right directions. It gets very hard when you are on tiny planets or you didn't swat the fly on the keyboard. So, most of the puzzles consist of trying to plot the course of the mammal you're tossing. With practice, this becomes easier and easier, though. You start to pass the first few levels, and then it's all over.


NASA called. They want their raccoons back. *presses hang up button* It's true. According to NASA, they say Spaz's Planet assignation is freaky bad. I gave them some specially trained raccoons, but they won't last. Enough of that, the placement in this game makes the game wonderfully hard. Perhaps consider moving planets cbleep to each-other. You've really gotta be a spacebar ninja to complete this game. Sadly, no one trained to be one, resulting in an empty high scores list. I am in training, as this massively hard slingshotting game we call Planet Slingshot, does. Still, I don't mind the fact that it's freakishly hard, it gives us a challenge to play at. I plan on being one of the first to beat it and I'm not going to give up until that goal is achieved.

Now its time for....

The Ratings! :D

New on my list of ratings is the Grade and Wackyy-ness. Wackyyness is another score factor, but combines difficulty and awesomeness together.

Gameplay: __/_____
Scenery: ____/_____
Puzzles: ___/_____
Placement: _____/_____
Wackyyness: ____/_____
Overall: ____.3/_____

Grade: A-

In all, the game was quite good. A good experience, but I'm not sure it deserved the feature. Although, I could see why someone would feature it - it has a good concept and plays it out well, if you don't mention the lousy controls.


Planet Slingshot Reviewed by wackyy on Tuesday, April 10th 2012. *Swats Fly On Keyboard* ..That Was My Last Life! D: - A game review written by wackyy for the game 'Planet Slingshot' by spazskater45. Rating: 4