Volcanic Hell

By warriorninja22 :: Sunday June 13th, 2010


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You are trapped within exploring a secret volcano in depths of a tropical island. Long ago, islanders worshiped a Volcano god that brought beauty to the land. If no one was able to give an offering to the god in his home, he would go mad and erupt. With some evil travelers trying to raid the treasure themselves, you must get to the top of the volcano and destroy the leader. Then you must get through the volcano guardian, and escape for good. There are many trials ahead of you. Traps, Secret passages, Weapons, and Dangerous Depths. With these, you will be utterly lost and desolate. Will you conquer the mighty volcano? Before it fully erupts? WARNING: THIS GAME IS RIDICULOUSLY HARD. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. EVEN THE CREATOR CANNOT BEAT IT!


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