By watercold432 :: Thursday January 3rd, 2019


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I'm not sure if anyone's going to see this or going to care, but I just want to apologize for leaving randomly for extended periods of time even for years. I'm sorry for leaving you guys on the edge wondering where I went. It's been a good 7 years since I made this account, and you'd probably think I'm a university student now in 2019, but the truth is, ever since I made this account, I went under an alias. I am not really Katie. I will not disclose my real name on here for the sake of privacy. I am not 19 years of age, I made Sploder when I was 10-11. I am now 16 years old and will turn 17 within a few months. I also never lived in Wisconsin. You may be wondering why I didn't present myself truthfully. I was 10 at the time, and thought it would be fun to "imagine" a persona. A girl that was slightly different than me, being more active and full of sunshine. I'm really sorry for that superficial exterior. If you knew me and are now an adult or not yet, I'm sorry if this weirds you out and makes you not want to replenish our friendship anymore because you've been friends with someone who is not real all along. But that doesn't mean the friendships didn't mean anything to me. I've met so many amazing and caring people whose support motivated me in game making and bared with me even when I was threatening to leave Sploder solely because someone had hurt me. I'm so sorry for that guilt-imposing tendency and exploding on my very own friends who were always well-meaning just because I didn't have my way, for example threatening to leave just because I wasn't mutually bested. I have said and done some very unkind things and brought my own friends to tears. They were always there for me and I hurt them. Even if it's been years ago I never knew how toxic of a friend I was. So I'm really sorry for constantly putting you guys through an emotional rollercoaster. 10 year old me was always excited to get on Sploder with her friends, and I'm hoping that you guys still want to keep in touch. Please let me know if you're still willing to be my friend. I hope you are and I hope that you can forgive me.


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