16 Temples temple of entry

By weegeeviruslol :: Monday April 20th, 2009


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It was 2 weeks ago you recieved the flyer for the 16 temples competition. A great warrior, you decided to enter this competition. The flyer said that you could die in the challenge, which is why is it built on a deserted island of the coast of your hometown. 1 week later a ship arrived to take you there. The captain said that in order to be accepted, you would have to survive the temple of entry, and although it was not one of the 16 temples themselves, you were ready for a test. You jumped of the ship at the captain's command, and swam ashore... This is my 16 temples series that is a real challenge. If you beat this temple, you will be entered. Beat all 16 temples to unlock the path to the secret temple, where your ultimate challenge will begin. I will watch who completes the temples, and the first sploder to beat the entire challenge gets the following prize: I will rate and comment ALL your games, tribute you, and on top of that, nominate at least one of your games! So don't just sit there, start the test! ==UPDATE== I know i've mysteriously disappeared for a while, might happen more often, but I WILL make this series.


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