Fan Made Battle v.s True Form W

By wharmonia4 :: Sunday September 15th, 2019


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W one day has Arceus's light shine on her,Transforming her to her True Form,a legendary pkmn stronger than Arceus itself,and Ghetsis and Colress look up to see W's true form,And Ghetsis tries to battle her,(Plasma type is super effective against all types,Resists all types,and is immune to fairy,and also her stats are 4,000 total,and her ability "Plasma Support" increases all stats sharply,if a Team Plasma member is nearby,and crits are now 100% (for the pkmn w/that ability)and has the same effect as "serene grace".And Plasma flare is a 400 power,100% accuracy move,and if it doesnt faint pkmn it crits always.)


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