I Was Asked To Review This Game :)

Review by whtever on Wednesday, November 24th 2010
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drive to win is a game created by frankman12

-_-Whtever's 7th Review-_-

Time beaten: 0:19


Drive To Win. What a profound title, when I think of a drive to win, I think of an inner drive, one yearning for victory, determined, overcoming adversity to dominate any challenge standing before. Could I be entering a world where all those things were demanded of me?!


Frankman12, here's your review. :)

Yeeeeah, this game is terrible. I mean absolutely...just please don't play it. It's just another piece of trash like the million and a half or some odd number of games created by people who don't realize what goes into a real game, or just a plain waste of data, and 19 seconds.

3 total objects. Well, that affected the gameplay in any manner. Clearly, frankman12 did not put a lot of work into this. And the gameplay is lamely easy. You get in the car, push the robot away with it, and then get out and win the game via escape pod. So really, there is no game. No challenge, no intelligence needed whatsoever in completing the objective, therefore I suspect no intelligence was employed in the making of this game. This isn't even a game, it's a...a toy. And a dull one. Well, really, it's probably just another piece of dirt that the creator threw at the world to nickel himself 2-3 views.


Uh, what haven't I said already? It's a terrible game...I don't suggest playing it...waste of data...yeah I covered it all.

Final Score: 1/10

I gave it a point because 19 is my favorite number.


drive to win Reviewed by whtever on Wednesday, November 24th 2010. I Was Asked To Review This Game :) - A game review written by whtever for the game 'drive to win' by frankman12. Rating: 0.5