A Modest Review For A Modest Game

Review by whtever on Wednesday, November 24th 2010
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Predator RPG is a game created by cxrest

That's right, it's me again, with review number 8

Time beaten: 7:07


Predator? If it's like the movie I better get ready for o' dat hardcore action...


I was a little messy with the controls when I first started playing this, so the fact that I died a bunch of times at the beginning was really negligible. It just shows that with this game you gotta be alert; nothing is laid back. Unfortunately, the beginning only required alertness that wasn't to the point of it being intense. It wasn't difficult to avoid the first drone, then kill the first two enemies. Then I went on to using a grapple to advance through a portion, and all that did was keep me awake...barely. So overall, the start was a bit slow.

Ah, but now on to the good stuff. Er, well, better stuff. At the end of the grapple part, we now need to employ a little strategy with the grenade, which was something new to me. Coordination is required to clear the explosives both in the part right after the grapple and in several other parts of the game. I encountered numerous enemies, which my ray gun took care of swiftly. Really, in that part after the first grapple climbing, besides me needing to use my grenades strategically, it was easy street after the part that I had to go up the mini-maze of of tiles and falling spikes. Dodging those spikes was fun and intense.

The only other part after that where things picked up for a little while was going up that long shaft with a jetpack while being chased by drones, it was fun but not much of a challenge. I pretty much had the game beaten after that.

Well, there were two traps set that if they had worked would have caused me a lot of mayhem, but...they didn't work. I could tell that Cxrest put a lot of work into this game based on the design but the enemies clearly just didn't work out the way he'd intended. Other than that, enemy placement was adequate.

There were also power-ups, which, were all placed pretty well in the context of the game.


If you're looking for a game to polish your platforming skills or practice a little for the harder, longer games, then I would recommend this. It wasn't frustrating or anything like that, but if you're not prepared then it could be a little difficult.

Final Score: 6.75/10


Predator RPG Reviewed by whtever on Wednesday, November 24th 2010. A Modest Review For A Modest Game - A game review written by whtever for the game 'Predator RPG' by cxrest. Rating: 5