[BHR] Whatever Happened To Storylines...?

Review by whtever on Thursday, January 20th 2011
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Sunset is a game created by tegers

Whtever review #10, BHR review #2

Well, I read the storyline first, and I noticed really how the age of the great storymakers is coming to a close. I'm guessing most (newer) Sploder people prefer the just play games now days and not bother with stories, but for members who have been here a while, we tend to look for something more to a game...

The storyline of it being sunset I'm guessing is what prompts the setting. Lava is hot, just like the sun, but that doesn't mean put it everywhere. Seriously, there was no need whatsoever for Tegers to put Lava in thick bunches, and especially at the bottom of the game, where the thousand or so tiles of just lava surely caused the epic lag. But that's another issue right there, why didn't tegers at least use 8 bit mode? Would have helped a lot. The lag really took from the gameplay.

But then again, it's not like the gameplay was spectacular by any stretch. There was nothing original at all, I mean come on, how many big stupid balls have I lifted with that PowerGluv, just to move it over a yard and hit the switch. There's not fun in such a cliche puzzle; it's just annoying.

The enemy placement is only worth of talking about because of how bad and un-entertaining it was. Some enemies were placed in clusters, which can cause the player to glitch out of the game and cause lag. Starting over and fighting lag? Yeah...NO.

That's all really, the map design was okay at best, the best part being the rollercoaster...well...if it had a point. And the worst was the part where you had to fight the robots in a hopeless losing battle, ending up with you only hoping you can get past the last one via glitch. So, on to the ratingz...

I give it a 1.5/5, which, VERY luckily for tegers, rounds to a *2/5*.

Next time, for goodness sakes, use 8 bit, don't put pointless objects in clusters of a thousand, and think of something fresh, please.