[BHR] Incredible Or Uncredible?

Review by whtever on Wednesday, January 26th 2011
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Incredible 2 is a game created by sansander97

Well, I'll try my best to answer that question here.

Incredible 2, for the most part, was really nothing special. Almost all of the puzzles and action sequences, save only a few new things that I saw, really were nothing new, and not really that challenging. All of the puzzles were pretty simple, like getting the ally ship to open the doors (yawn,) getting the flags that are right in front of you to the base (trying to keep head up), and a few pointless open/close polygon puzzles that really presented no challenge whatsoever. (Falls asleep)

I'm not saying that this game was a total drag, because Sansander did make some rather interesting uses of the Flicker technique, that I'd never seen. I liked how he used them on a smaller scale. Unfortunately, it really did not do much for the gameplay, so the idea was a little (sigh) wasted.

And I honestly can't tell you where all that lag could have been coming from, but boy, it was that 600-pound gorilla in the room alright. It made killing the keys pretty difficult, and not the good kind of difficult, but rather, the annoying kind.

Overall, the puzzles that weren't already used tens of thousands times before were poorly executed, and the entire game overall was too easy (at least what WAS the game, as it was quite short) and very laggy. Unfortunately, I really can't recommend this game. It could have been so much better if it was more challenging, and had some fresher ideas.

My final rating: 1/5


Incredible 2 Reviewed by whtever on Wednesday, January 26th 2011. [BHR] Incredible Or Uncredible? - A game review written by whtever for the game 'Incredible 2' by sansander97. Rating: 1