Review by wiktor2 on Thursday, February 6th 2014

Hey, welcome to my first review in nearly 4 years (:O).

Upon seeing that most of the reviewers review only outstanding and exceptional games, I decided to do the same - since WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY GRAPHIC is indeed an outstandingly, exceptionally pointless game (if you can even call it a game).


I've never heard of the person behind this game, so I have nothing to say about their previous works. The thumbnail seemed attractive, which I unfortunately cannot say about the name.

I was really surprised to see this in the midst of contest winners.


What struck me first was the fact that the game only has ONE level with a TWELVE SECONDS time limit. A twelve seconds long game? Hmmm. Interesting, at the very least. I proceeded to play it though.


NOTHING. Nothing even moved. There's literally nothing in this game except for a still image. You can't even CONTROL anything, which is the PRIMARY requirement of a game. A game needs to be playable! You can't just give your players an uncontrollable, unplayable picture/animation and call it a game (although apparently that's what video game developers mostly do nowadays, eh?). The only sound you hear in the game is the annoying beeping of the timer. On the other hand... Maybe it's not actually that annoying, since it foretells that this horror will end soon.

In my opinion WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY GRAPHIC doesn't count as a Sploder game. It's actually almost a crime against Sploder. You are given such a wide palette of elements, options and creativity in general to put into your game and yet you make it a... STILL. PICTURE. Seriously? That's actually offensive, both to the players who want to have fun and play something but are given basically nothing and the creator of Sploder who worked on this site for years, leoalecsisdalipe; haha

It's not like I wrote this just to make fun of someone - I'm just being honest and telling you that you have to improve and change if you don't want Sploder's slogan to be turned from 'Where games come true!' into 'Where boring still pictures which are not even a game come true' :P

Good luck with your future games. Remember to make them at least A BIT interactive next time though, dear leoalecsisdalipe! I hope this didn't offend you. Actually I don't because I'm a terrible person. Sorry not sorry


Gameplay: 0/10

Enemy placement: 0/10

Difficulty: 0/10

Fun: 0/10

Visual attractiveness: 5/10

Overall rating: 1.25/10


WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY GRAPHIC Reviewed by wiktor2 on Thursday, February 6th 2014. Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! - A game review written by wiktor2 for the game 'WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY GRAPHIC' by leoalecsisdalipe. Rating: 0.5