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Review by wiktor2 on Sunday, February 6th 2011
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Platformer Action Tutorial is a game created by wiktor2

Hello! This is my first attempt at making a Sploder tutorial.

If I did something wrong here, just tell me, please. Hope this tut will help you!


Action, oh, action... This is what adds a shot of adrenaline to your games. This tutorial will teach you how to use it the right way.

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Part 1

Decoration is the most important thing you should think about, because it is the first thing that gives some thrill and it allows the player to open his imagination for the storyline of your game. The example you see in the game now is just... boring, isn't it? It doesn't remind you of anything. Just some wooden walls. I'll show you how to make a more interesting scenery.

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Part 2

Now THIS is an interesting scenery. When you see it, the first things you think about are "ancient ruins, castle, prison", right? And that was my point.

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Part 3

The next very important things are TRAPS, because they're hazardous, and hazard excites the player.

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EXAMPLE 1 - Simplest trap possible. A OneWayDoor and tons of HotBlocks.

EXAMPLE 2 - A really simple trap built with 3 InvisibleSwitches a Cl'oser block, 2 BurstBlocks and 2 Thugs.

NOTE: The most important thing about traps is that THEY DON'T HAVE ANY EXITS. Remember that.

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Part 4

Next thing you should care about is ENEMY PLACEMENT.

Some enemies should be placed in water, some shouldn't. Some enemies must be hidden, and some mustn't.


Sharks and Leonards MUST be in water.

Natives are good on the ground, but there's one funny thing about them - they're really good in water!


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Part 5

The last thing you should care about are the BOSSES.

If you want to make a boss (main enemy) for your game, it must be a really strong enemy, and it should be placed on the end of the game. The room (boss-zone) with boss in it can be decorated in a frightening way, what makes your game even more exciting. What you see in the game is a perfect example of a boss.

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Now, if you forgot something from the tutorial and you are too lazy to find it, or you are even too lazy to read the whole tutorial, and you want to read it in a shorter form, come here.

So, these are the things that an action game must contain:

- good traps

- tactical enemy placement

- interesting scenery and decorations

- a hard boss

And these are things that an action game can contain to make it even more interesting (these are extras, not mentioned in the tutorial)!

- puzzles

- an interesting and (at least a little) realistic plot

And that's pretty much all.


If you liked this tutorial, let me know in the comments.

Well... if you didn't like it, you can also let me know.


PS - This tutorial was made before the Music update for Platformer Creator came out! This Postscriptum note is new, so read it carefully:


One of the most important things that add the thrill to your game is MUSIC. Select it carefully, so it fits the game. For example - the music in a level where you have to be quick needs to be fast, the music in a boss level needs to be epic and 'strong', the music in a silent, sinister and scary level needs to be thrilling, etc.


Once again, thank you for reading. And - again :) - if you enjoyed the tutorial, comment about it, and give it a plus.