[EGD] A Fun Game? Yes, That’s My Title

Review by windchimera734 on Wednesday, August 20th 2014
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A Fun Game is a game created by mat7772

A review of A Fun Game, by mat7772.


Hello and welcome to Shiftry’s first official review. Now I earned my badge a short while back but have not put it to good use, so I am here today to prove my worth to the rest of our community’s hard-working reviewers. Today specifically, I have decided to help out with the EGD 8 games that have yet to be reviewed. I have chosen an Algorithm game by mat7772, and although the creator is not my preference, I cannot turn down a game that needs attention now can I?

*Initial Expectations*

So without much experience in the Algorithm genre, I think it's safe to say that I can give a generalised gamer’s opinion. Knowing mat7772’s style when it comes to game-making, I already know that this will be a ‘fun’ experience. Now without droning on I will quickly mention my opinion on the thumbnail; being an Algorithm game, there is only so much you can do with it, so I will say it straight: meh. The maker mat7772 himself (or herself -- your Highness) is one of Sploder’s finest. With a total of 42 features and counting, he has mastered many types of games, along with their creators, so I will definitely not judge this book by it’s cover.

*Analysis and Evaluation*

The first thing that hits me with a story aspect is the sheer humour of the game’s introduction, and (without spoiling) it’s just daring you to beat it. It absolutely makes me forgive the lack of game description, because after all, I believe that mat7772 was just ‘going with the flow’ with this one. As long as he makes an enjoyable game without getting too serious, then the task is complete.

The game’s level concepts are executed with a sort of balance to them. I didn't feel too threatened, but that does not mean I was not kept on my toes. Personally I find myself lost when making an Algorithm game, so playing a featured one always gives me an experience that I cannot seem to create myself (alright I’m a little jealous) :’(. Further on, the game’s difficulty steadily increases, with bigger enemies and more hazards, the game definitely has enough going on. Did I mention that the game was ‘fun’?! Even though I am not the maker of the game, I felt really dumbstruck that the comments were instantly criticising, by basically saying that the game is not worthy of it’s ‘claiming to be fun’ title. They could not be more wrong, and although opinions are free of expression, we are talking about a game that was made with a controversial creator. Making a fun algorithm takes skill and an official understanding of what a ‘fun’ game actually feels like.

The messages continue throughout the game, and although you don’t know your exact purpose, you just get an urge to continue and find out. A Fun Game truly speaks volumes to me as an Algorithm project, and I hope that people who may have felt a little low about the game at first will decide to play it again in more depth; because it’s actually not that bad. Being someone who usually has a lot to say, but is not a pro at these games, I believe I have said my piece. With that said, I may as well move on to the pros and cons factor.

*Pros and Cons*

- Well balanced in enemy/hazard placements

- Humourous messages

- Very fun

- Limited power-ups

- A low variety of door puzzles (a ‘meh’ con)


Story/Plot: ___/_____

Concepts/Execution: ____/_____

Aesthetics/Scenery: ___/_____

Placements: ____/_____

Fun/Replay Value: ____/_____

*Final Comment*

Although a little short, I hope people understand how out of depth it was for me to play and review this game, (admittedly I'm more of a PPG guy) but I did my best to help with the EGD 8 reviews and for some reason I picked this one. But I did genuinely enjoy my play-through of this game. A 'fun' game can come in many varieties, and although a simple word, it can be a hard task to create a game with a balanced entertainment value, (especially an Algorithm) which take skill and experience.

Thanks for reading. ~ windchimera734/Shiftry