[EGD] Was This Game Left In Ruins?

Review by windchimera734 on Thursday, September 4th 2014
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Ruins of APH is a game created by ravicale

A review of Ruins of APH, by ravicale.


Hello and welcome to my third EGD 8 review. With the list of games that require reviews reaching over half-way, I have been limited to the few games of this yearís EGD that can actually run on my laptop. This Algorithm by ravicale seemed to have snuck into the contest with a hint of underwhelmed atmosphere in my opinion. To further explain this in a better contrast: I feel that Raviís games are not getting the reactions that people like me would expect nowadays. Letís recap on the maker to shed some eye-drops on this sore introduction, shall we?

*Initial Expectations*

So ravicale is one of Sploderís most Ďadvancedí game makers. With experience outside the site, ravicale has an insight on game-making that the average Tom, bleep, and Harry could muster in their heads. With 31 featured games and a 6-year experience on this site, surely this puts him somewhere on top. Even though ravicale does not possess the Editor badge, Iím sure everyone who knows the individual like myself, is confident that he is more than capable of acquiring all 3 badges with a flick of the wrist if he wants (Not my best choice of words but... ahem, moving on).

Ravi to me is currently one of those inactive veterans of the site, I mean you canít blame him for a 6-year old member right? (Obviously he's a bit older in real life, but thatís another story that is irrelevant and none of our business .-.) Because I am still a novice to the site, I can safely say that Iíve missed this makerís peak moments of achievement, and honestly if he did not appear on the staff page I probably would've had a permanent blind-eye on Ravicale, if I didn't know him from the forums. Enough of this, is this latest game worth our time? Letís find out!

*Analysis and Evaluation*

Ruins of APH (still donít know what it stands for) is a more traditional Algorithm shooter. It lacks puzzles and focuses on a story element, along with an extraordinary use of level space. Yes, this Algorithm seems that it takes the extra step in creating an engaging and tense environment. Speaking of which, did anyone else like how ravicale designed the endings of levels, so they can be perceived as a connected map? It really did feel like a big facility, instead of a traditional 'x number of floors' type of concept.

The gameplay itself is quite balanced and although the enemy quantities are rich, it just pushes you cbleep to your shotgun-wielding companion, who has your back when you have your neck out in firefights. Ravi was adamant in the description that you must ďplay as Sato with Term as your partnerĒ. This is because each level hosts plenty of messages to emphasise on the situation, and it helps the player feel like they are actually Sato. To increase your chances of success, the player must use their companion as a strategy to help combat villains and those who want nothing more than to stop you finding the facilityís treasure (if there is one -- rumours are your only lead for now). A slight error in the gameís planning, is that the messages of conversation between Seto and Term continue even after your partner had died (if he dies), which is quite confusing.

Overall the gameís difficulty is less intense and just focuses on the experience of progression -- something that I respect deeply in a game. Iím not fond of those who chuck you straight into a Ďdo or dieí scenario before you begin your first few steps of the game, which puts me off a lot of featured games. Ruins of APH is also very bloom in scenery, it uses barriers sometimes to separate sections of the complex without using walls all the time, which would give a depressing Ďboxed iní feel. No, this game played the levels right as an entertainment value; although not entirely perfect. Explain why not you say? Although the levels are built very well, I canít help but feel itís a little repetitive, and by this I mean a Ďlittleí little. Really I admit thatís a huge nit-picking statement to make, considering Iíve just praised the level-design on itís quality. Basically, although itís meant to feel like youíre exploring the same facility, I still feel that it needs more textures and maybe more themes. The generator room was an example of a fresh environment, with lotís of energy spewing and the big machines, that was where I gained my ego again. Maybe a larger storage room with boxes like the corner of one of the levels would be a good place to start; although this is not a puzzle game, it would still feel different. More rotating doors on a level is another example... oh Ravi please forgive my dull attempts at criticising your game, itís a hard job. ;)

*Pros and cons*

- Large, open levels

- Firefights allows player to strategise with partner

- Balanced but progressing difficulty

- Simple story that develops with messages

- A fun Algorithm

- Slight touch of repetition (thatís it)


Story/Plot: ____/_____

Concepts/Execution: ____/_____

Aesthetics/Scenery: ____/_____

Placements: ____/_____

Fun/Replay Value: ____/_____

*Final Comment*

I believe that despite a little inactive, Ravicale still knows how to make a great game. His games still amaze me even though he tries the unexpected. I would highly recommend this Algorithm, since itís a great game thatís balanced right with the difficulty curve and itís quite fun to play. At this moment in time Iím a little poorly, ;_; (just a little bug) but I was happy to have found another EGD game that I can play through.

Thanks for reading. ~ windchimera734/Shiftry