[Editor App] An Explosive Sequel!

Review by windchimera734 on Saturday, September 13th 2014
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T.N.T. 2 Space Bomb is a game created by chase428

A review of T.N.T. 2 Space Bomb, by chase428


Hello and welcome to my Editor application. Now this came as quite of a shock to me to be truthful, I have not even considered applying for this role before, because I know that only the most responsible, and most experienced are usually considered worthy. Still, I will not refuse this opportunity, I can only try my best and drive full throttle into this blast of a review! Today I shall be reviewing a PPG by a member of Sploder who I have always checked upon now and then since he/she was actually one of the first members that I noticed, and so I believe a review for him/her was always due.

*First Impressions*

The member chase428 was quite an influence to me on my first account that I made during September 2013. Without talking too long on this topic, I will just state that the PPG maker was the only creator that worked for me on my first account, so itís not worth droning on about, but chase428 had a talent for the creator. His/her PPGs have a habit of being simple and easy to learn, but tediously difficult (Some games take quite the effort to beat). I also want to mention that his/her games tend to look Ďcoolí and thatís a word that I donít usually use in reviews. Just scrolling along chase428ís game pages leaves an interesting palette of PPG concepts, each marked with his/her traditional design.

This specific game that I am reviewing: T.N.T. 2 Space Bomb is actually (if you havenít already guessed) a sequel to one of chase428ís most popular games, (T.N.T.) which I have also played but failed to beat. I really enjoyed the concept of the first one, although the platforming getís quite frustrating mid-way and me being a light-weight gave up after a good few attempts. Itís a shame since I really admired the concept, but hopefully this anticipated second game is worth the torment of playing. Letís get defusing!

*Analysis and Evaluation*

T.N.T. 2 Space Bomb continues with the adventure of an unlikely hero; a hexagon. But not just any six-sided shape. This crazy dude called Bolt has a body that can withstand a T.N.T. blast. (Convenient?) Well this talent was not meant to go to waste, so you control Bolt on a mission to stop Ďthe gangí from blowing up the world... only youíve already done that, Boltís mission this time is to save the entire Milky Way from destruction! And when you thought it could not get any more dramatic, chase428 has even mentioned a sequel called T.N.T. 3, but I will talk about that on a different date.

On to the game now and as people will pass 2 intros before the game starts (yes the game is that magical that it needs itís own intro, along with chase428ís PPG introduction). This would obviously be seen as a con by most people, but just to put things into perspective, the first intro is just right in length and the second is an instant click scenario, marking it as a good decision for an introduction in my book. The first playable level has a variety of hazards to instantly engulf the player into the atmosphere of impending doom, without getting too challenging and overwhelming the player. Hazards such as spawning shapes who I assume to be members of Ďthe gangí and dangerous floors who threaten to stop Bolt/the player are recurring, and are what the game is really about (yes itís that simple). What I will admit now is that a lot of players would be thinking: how come Bolt can withstand a point-blank T.N.T. blast, but get easily flustered towards other dangerous materials? Bizarre, but I am going to be a hero again and say that it is NOT a con. I honestly think that the whole game has Ďwhackyí on it to begin with. A mistake would be to make the whole game realistic with a serious plot.

The gameís scenery is quite bold and colourful. Although there is a lack of graphics apart from the intros, I canít help but admire the natural textures of the PPG Creator. This game has simple tweaks and corners, but I just stick by my opinion that it suits the game. Mentioning tweaks, chase428 edited the game to adjust to peoplesí feedback and criticisms (I had to mention this in my review sometime or another, I know itís off topic from aesthetics but I had to tag it, sorry :/). I know some of you who have played this game before/whilst reading this may still not be convinced of itís feature worthiness, so I can only tell you my reasons in this evaluation. Thereís still some things to talk about before scoring, so I donít want to doddle on the little things.

Level-design is executed in a Sonic the Hedgehog stage style, with new themes and concepts on each level. Like the first game, itís not long before the magnet is introduced to overcome obstacles, and this time itís a lot less clumsy, which is another great thing about this game compared with the first: itís just designed more efficient and the returning concepts are actually more fun to use, like the sliding magnet platforms. The first game hardly ever (if at all) advanced from the grey Ďboxí theme, and do you know how fast it took me to realise that T.N.T. 2 Space Bomb was different? Just before clicking the game! That thumbnail is beautiful :3. I love to see this kind of effort put into recreating a PPG platformer, and whatís even better is that itís a genuine level (not just for show ;).

*Pros and Cons*

- Well-built and improved concept

- Simple and reliable controls

- Crazy plot played right

- Tip bits that I mentioned in the review


Story/Plot: ___/_____

Concepts/Execution: ____/_____

Aesthetics/Scenery: ____/_____

Placements: ___/_____

Fun/Replay Value: ____/_____

*Final Comment*

I tried my best to convince you all why I really see potential in this game. There will be those that disagree, and at this stage I cannot do anymore to dissuade your opinion. I also want to state that I would not have picked this game to review for my Editor application, if I wasnít 100% honest on my points. I hope that you have enjoyed my review and until next time, cherrio!

Thanks for reading. ~ windchimera734/Shiftry