[#5] Innovation Is Not A Crime

Review by windchimera734 on Tuesday, October 28th 2014
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Lectred Z Vice is a game created by shadross

A review of Lectred Z Vice, by Shadross.


Hello readers! Shiftry here, with my newest review. I am going to quickly announce that Iíve finished reviewing the EGD 8 games, since I want to finally be able to pick my own games to review. Without sounding spoilt, the reason why I donít wish to review anymore EGD games is because of the minimal game choice and I honestly cannot get far enough through them to review. Anyway, that does not mean that I will not help in future events should games need reviewing, but it would need to be a game that I can play (Mr. stating the obvious).

*Initial Expectations*

Iíll start us off with a little honourable mention of a fine game maker. Shadross is a 4-year old Sploder member, who has amazing talent when it comes to game-making. Although he has multiple features, there are plenty of games (mostly demos) that do not get a place in the spotlight. I assume this fact to be because they are experiments. Thatís right, Shadross is one of those (not so crazy) scientists who tests the creatorís limits when using the palette of tools available. Shadross is mostly known for his ĎLectredí series of games, as well as his amazing PPGs like Robotech Sentinel. Both genres of his games are equally incredible, not to mention that Shadross is an extraordinary graphics maker too. Whether a success or not, his games produce so much charisma, that you just want to replicate a game like his; I donít condone copying. Letís move on to the review!

*Analysis and Evaluation*

The main concept of Lectred Z Vice, with the use of teleporters, is to create an alternate dimension that replicates the original one. I believe this to be a unique idea that has not really been executed like this before (correct me if Iím wrong though). To progress through each level, you are required to enter both dimensions frequently, and find the various keys and switches to progress through both dimensions, whilst avoiding enemies and traps. By activating a switch in one dimension and destroying a burst-tile, you also destroy the same located burst-tile in the other, helping to reinforce the Ďtwo worldsí concept.

Both dimensions have slightly different themes and some unique placements, which help prevent the player from forgetting which dimension they are in, and more importantly, avoiding repetition. I did however find the game to be spanned out in a way that I would described as Ďoverstretchedí. The levels were prolonged a lot and it did start to somber the experience. Each level is roughly the same length, and boasts the different dimensions so much, that you feel like youíve played a tonne of games like it. A real shame if Iím honest, since the Lectred series holds so much promise. Next time I would suggest limiting the teleporter concept to a few levels and replace it with some new tunes.

I would like to say though, that the grim atmosphere in the first 2 levels is really fitting. The first level was one of the best openings that I have played, very similar to the first Metroid game, and if Shad were to remove some repetition, it would be from the other levels since the first 2 are executed to near perfection.

The difficulty is so-so in Lectred Z Vice. Ammunition is near infinite, as well as the med-kits; should you locate them. Some enemies are actually obstructed though, (especially the big ones) so you can take advantage of long-ranged weapons to dispose of them slyly. The graphics that accompany them however, are nothing less that superb. Although Lectred Z Vice has itís faults, it still certainly feels like a professionally-made platformer. A respectable effort in that category indeed.

*Pros and Cons*

- A unique concept, that changes the rules of the game

- Balanced difficulty with power-ups and enemies

- Great graphics

- Repetitive level designs

- Slow-paced


Story/Concept: N/A

Concepts/Execution: ___/_____

Aesthetics/Scenery: ____/_____

Placements: ____/_____

Fun/Replay Value: __/_____

*Final Comment*

After initially playing the game, I didnít feel the need to play it again. I canít pinpoint the source, but Lectred Z Vice has so many blocks, yet it still feels empty on the latter levels. Does it deserved itís feature though? Itís a tricky decision, and I think itís down to personal taste. I would not have featured Lectred Z Vice, but someone else obviously saw potential through the faint cracks, and I fully accept that.

Thanks for reading. ~ windchimera734/Shiftry