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Review by windchimera734 on Monday, March 9th 2015
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Home Turf is a game created by nphaze03

A review of Home Turf, by nphaze03.


Good afternoon readers! Shiftry here, and Iíd like to welcome you all to my Royal Review Rumble entry! I had no idea such an event exists, and Iím unsure if I can compete with the more professional reviewers, but I couldnít resist an opportunity to test my writing skills. I searched long and hard for a perfect PPG to review, and where else to look than the featured game pages?! I know itís an obvious place to look, and I did indeed find a great one that I missed while I was absent. Surprisingly enough, I found a different game to review today -- non-featured, and from a member who Iíve never heard of before. Superb choice!

Initial Expectations

So I originally found a featured game for my review, but was drawn to another memberís descriptive comments. Quite precise and well thought out feedback was included within his/her message, so I checked the individualís game page. Nphaze03 has only one published game; this one. Home Turf has a charming thumbnail, and with the maker having no background at all, I was intrigued to play. Could this be one of what I like to call Ďhidden gemsí? Letís find out, with this mysterious Physics Puzzle Game...

Analysis and Evaluation

Home Turf has only two levels -- one of which is a well-built cutscene, which is introduced in many modern PPG projects. Iím not always a big fan when it comes to these kinds of levels, since it seems to produce the feeling that the owner is actually more important than the game. (Still, Iím only talking about intros that advertise the maker; a well executed one could please anybody nonetheless, including me.) This game does indeed have such a cutscene. Itís length is short, itís appearance is sweet, and itís conjunction with the gameís meaning is sharp but simple.

Home Turf contains a very loose plot, and itís as bizarre as another PPG that I reviewed before (*cough* *cough* Dark *cough*). However, this maker did not try too hard to make the plot an important attribute to the gameís quality. It simply states how whacky and casual the game is going to be -- instead of making, letís say, a bubbly tone introduction with a Ďserious así story and atmosphere; that sort of thing.

The second/main level of this game is where Home Turf truly shines through. After the cutscene leaves our player in his starting position (pretty clever by the way), then we can begin. The objective in Home Turf is to protect these 3 remaining trees (used to be four, until the cutscene sacrificed it as an example) from what seems to be falling fruitsÖ? Oh, sorry bombs, yeah I meant bombs; theyíre beautifully coloured may I add. Trees have four blocks of health, plus a shield that replenishes after a short time period. I call this complex mechanics for a rookie. Even the way the indicating cursors hover just below where the bombs are falling is incredible for a PPG. Obviously a lot of work went into this gameís concept, and graphics. Nphaze03 is talented, but itís a shame that his profile and background is so vague.

Anyhow, Home Turf was originally meant to play forever until all of the trees were destroyed, however by sleuthing around the makerís messages, it seems as though Nphaze03 designed the 120 score limit so that players could actually win, and appear on the scoreboard. Very thoughtful acts were generated into this game, itís truly a sore thumb in an orchestra of gloved hands (donít ask why I made such an appalling analogy). Even the way the player generates speech over time is impressive.

But woah, hold it! Itís that time where I label the faults in the game. Although Home Turf is extraordinary for such a small project, itís gameplay isnít sound enough for me. Sure, itís fun at the beginning, flailing about to protect the trees; but itís practically impossible to win protecting all three of them (two trees even). The only way to beat it, is by camping, which I felt was a big let down, considering this one level is practically the full mass of the game. Also, Iím not personally keen on the level layout, especially since one tree has already met itís match -- itís practically a crisp. A symmetrical layout would have suited an arcade-esque game better.

Pros and Cons

- Innovating mechanics

- Smooth but efficient graphics

- Original concept

- Some faulty gameplay

- Unfinished feel


Story/Plot: __/_____

Concepts/Execution: ____/_____

Aesthetics/Scenery: ____/_____

Placements: ___/_____

Fun/Replay Value: ____/_____

Final Comment

I feel that Home Turf needs re-booting with more levels, in which case I would suggest for the project to be featured, considering it already contains so much potential. Whatís happening with the maker I donít know. Nonetheless, I think this game deserved a review, highlighting the possibility of more skilled game developers on sploder.com.

Thanks for reading. ~ windchimera734/Shiftry