Five Nights At Freddys 3

By wmwmwmwmwmwmwmwmwmwm :: Thursday November 20th, 2014


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LEVEL-1 _________________________________________________________________________ You are mike and work at freddys pizza. kill all the enemies. But remember, the freddy fazbear blows fire. ____________________________________________________________________ LEVEL-2 ___________________________________________________________________ All the chefs in Freddy fazbears pizza have turned into skeletons BY FREDDY FAZBEAR HIMSELF who put them in a costume of freddy and killed them. Even they did not leave the manager. he has turnd into an evil bot. your job is to kill the skeletons and the evil bot(that too, only with a car!!)(hint- car controls are z and x). Kill the skeletons by diverting them to the lava by going up and back to your starting position. good luck!!! ___________________________________________________________________


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