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Review by woodchuck on Tuesday, May 28th 2013
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Eclipse is a game created by egnite


Hello, Woodchuck here, today I will be reviewing Eclipse by Egnite. Playing some of Egnite's games before, I am expecting a good quality game from him today. His games are all platform games, and I see him as a very skilled platform creator. But will this game meet my expectations? Lets see…


Eclipse is a puzzle/action platform game. It is entertaining, fun to play, and also offers a wide range of puzzles, obstacles and intense action. Although this game does not have much of a storyline, I think that it is fine without one, as it is mainly just avoiding death and solving some puzzles. It is also a reasonable length, and not impossibly hard to beat. Nevertheless, I think Egnite could of made slightly more complicated routes to certain power ups such as the mace and flamethrower. These routes could include simple puzzles or situations were you have to work hard to collect the power up. Anyway, moving on…

There is a fair amount of puzzles and traps in Eclipse, although I would like to see a few more in some areas. Most of the puzzles are fairly original, or rare lets say. Even though some of them are not very challenging, for newer players they may take a while to work out. For the traps, they are mostly just subtle things like a switch next to a power up which connects to a cbleep and so on… Personally, I think a few of them are poorly placed, like the one at the end with an extra heart which triggers a cbleep. Why would you need an extra heart practically next to the ending crystal? I'm not sure. Lets move on…

The placement is generally pretty good in this game. I felt that whenever I was really low on health an enemy was there at that exact time and place, which made it challenging, rather than just wandering around solving constant puzzles. This feature also makes the gameplay more enjoyable and exciting. And annoying. Despite this, there is some not so good placement later on in the game, especially with certain power ups. This lets the game down slightly, but I can live with that. With the block placement it is mainly perfect, maybe with the odd bad tile. But then again, you'd expect that with almost any platform game. Egnite also made sure that the hazards were not just in one big heap, but widely spread out, making the gameplay more challenging. For example, at the start of the game there is a pit of lava, then a bit later on there is a crusher and spikes etc. I liked this a lot. But yeah, lets go have a look at the scenery.

Egnite used a unique style with the scenery in Eclipse, which is what I like to see. This 'style' of his mainly consists of a large variety of tile types, mostly sandy coloured blocks, to create a desert look to his game. This was sensible, as in the description it says: 'You are in the sahara desert.' The blocks at the start of the game especially are rather oddly laid out in my opinion, with some just floating in the sky. But I guess this just adds to the effect of the desert. I'm not sure if it is just me but I noticed that the blocks got darker as the game progressed. If this isn't just me and Egnite purposely did this, I think this is quite clever, as it is supposed to be an eclipse and getting darker and darker. 'Suddenly things start to get dark.' Anyways, what else is there? Oh yeah, action…

The action in Eclipse is probably the best aspect for me. It's the kind of action which is fun because you can actually get past it, and not just die in the first thirty seconds. There is also just the right amount of enemies and hazards, the amount that keeps you rushing around and trying to stay alive, but with no absolute major difficulty. It is also very fast paced, so you are not stuck in one place for a long time, you are always moving about. Enough said. Conclusion please?


In conclusion, Eclipse is a great game that I really enjoyed playing. The game had some great action, puzzles and scenery. It definitely deserved the feature. Well done Egnite! Moving on to the final scores…

Final Scores

Puzzles/traps: ____/_____

Placement: ___.5/_____

Scenery: ____/_____

Action: ____.5/_____

Overall: 16/25

NOTE: This review was originally my application.


Eclipse Reviewed by woodchuck on Tuesday, May 28th 2013. #1 Eclipse By Egnite - A game review written by woodchuck for the game 'Eclipse' by egnite. Rating: 3.5