#2 A Legendary Game

Review by woodchuck on Tuesday, May 28th 2013
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Legend is a game created by 7grant2

Hello, Woodchuck here with another review; today I will be reviewing Legend by 7grant2. Grant is known throughout the site, and is a very talented and knowledgable game maker in anyone's view. He is skilled with a variety of game creators, including the 3d mission creator, platformer and classic shooter. But the question is, has he impressed me with this game?

Legend is a platform adventure game. The first thing I am going to say about this game is, the plot is certainly not simple. In most games, the story would simply be a brief paragraph written below in the game description. In this game, it is much more. The whole plot is based around solving a mystery, the game itself giving you clues and riddles along the way. Not only this, but the story sort of goes along with the gameplay in a way. This basically means that the further you advance into the game, the further you advance into the story. I definitely liked this, as it kept me playing; I didn't just get bored in the first couple of levels. I also loved the aspect of mystery, and not knowing what is going to happen next. Despite this, I think Grant could have made the plot a little more obvious, as some players may have found it too complex. So, what did I like about the placement?

Playing Legend, I felt that placement was a minor strong point in the game. Almost everything was perfectly placed, and all hazards were put into the game nicely, making the gameplay more challenging for the player. Even though this made it challenging, I noticed that there was always a way out, for example, if you fell into a pit of lava, you would never be trapped there with no way out, instead, the player would always be given a chance to escape and carry on with the game. This made me want to play it more, and not just play it once, die or get trapped, and never play the game again. Also, all of the objects were spaced out well; not all clumped up in one big pile. This way the game was not annoying and claustrophobic, and made you want to play on more and more. As well as the hazards and objects being well placed, the enemies were generally placed well too. Although I would have liked to have seen some more unique enemy placement, especially in the later boss levels. For example, enemies dropping down from ceilings when you are least expecting. Or coming from hidden spots, surprising the player. Probably one of the most well placed objects in Legend, was the health. I noticed that there were many lives dotted around, especially in the earlier levels. Although, I lost many of them during the later levels. This way, the game was challenging, and made you try hard to save your health.The only other con I spotted to do with placement was enemies glitched still in some parts. For example, in level two, there was a thor that was meant to drop down on you, but was completely still in the air behind you. Anyway, am I boring you? I think I am. Lets move on.

I am glad to say that there were no negatives at all to do with scenery in Legend. Wherever I went in the game, the scenery was brilliant. In level 1 I felt that Grant really captured the jungle theme, with out using loads of random grass blocks. Instead, he used green coloured blocks and back walls to look like the forest canopy. I also liked how there were many different layers that you had to travel back and forth across. This gave a good looking start to the game, which is always important. In the later levels, the scenery varied from dark temples, to small villages, to underground… places. I liked how there were lots of secret passage ways that you had to enter, some that were not even visible. But luckily the game gave you tips and advice about where to go, so it wasn't completely mind boggling. So, overall, the scenery in Legend was perfect, and really made me go 'waw.' But did the puzzles meet my standards?

Considering that Legend is an adventure game, there was quite a bit of puzzle. Overall, these puzzles were very good. The first proper puzzles I encountered when playing this game were probably around levels four or five. They were not too hard, as there were inscriptions telling you roughly what too do. For example, 'Stay to the left.' I thought that this was really helpful, and something that I would like to see more of in other games, especially complex puzzle games. This showed that Grant really wanted players to advance far into the game, not just get stuck every single time. In some parts, the game was a bit too much like a maze, and I think it would have been better if it was a bit more obvious where to go. Although, a bit of this was fine, as it added to the mystery and the plot. Well, I have pretty much summed that up. Now moving on to our last category.

Action. The action in Legend was all in the right places, and there was lots of it. The best parts were the boss levels, were I was completely skimmed for health, and always at the edge of my seat, repeatedly tapping the space bar. The only place in the game were I thought the action could do with a bit of work was the first level. In the first level, there weren't very many enemies, and I would have liked to see a few more. It would have made it more exciting and fun to play. Generally, Legend was quite fast paced, I was always running around, hitting various switches, and avoiding cbleeps. The other thing I liked was that the enemies were not there to be killed all the time. They just got in my way and drained my health, but I had a choice to either kill them, or dodge them. Leading to my next point, there were a lot of choices. This is mainly what I liked about Legend, as it made it more like a real game. For example, in Skyrim, you don't just go in one direction all the time, you have multiple choices of what to do. Sorry for everyone to finish on a negative, but I did get annoyed with the amount of lag in this game. I suppose Grant couldn't help it, as the levels were all long and epic, but still. Lag can ruin a game. Despite this, in some parts I could use the lag as an advantage, as it helped me dodge hazards and enemies. Bet you've never heard anyone say that before! So anyway, final scores?

Plot: ____/_____

Placement: ___/_____

Scenery: ____.7/_____

Puzzle: ____/_____

Action: ____/_____

Overall: 19.7/25

In conclusion, Legend is an epic game, which definitely deserved the feature. It has a mysterious plot and gameplay, and some amazing placement, scenery, puzzles and action. Possibly not one of Grant's best games, but certainly better than I could ever make. This is why it scored an epic 19.7/25. Well done Grant!


Legend Reviewed by woodchuck on Tuesday, May 28th 2013. #2 A Legendary Game - A game review written by woodchuck for the game 'Legend' by 7grant2. Rating: 4