#3 My Adventures In Vinland

Review by woodchuck on Monday, September 9th 2013
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Vinland is a game created by etxbear

When I first clicked on this game, unlike most games, I didn't know what to expect. I've got to be honest, from the thumbnail, it looked like a pretty average game. Etxbear is a member who I still don't know well, but my reputation for him has certainly grown since playing Vinland.

So, after many hours, the game finally loaded up. The first thing I noticed was that Vinland was a very graphics heavy game. After the new platformer update, this is exactly what I feared would happen. Poor block head would be left behind, and replaced by an ugly, yellow faced dwarf. Along with all his surroundings. I wasn't quite sure if this would be a good thing, or a bad thing in this game.

After playing the first couple of levels, I was starting to have doubts about the game. Don't get me wrong, this game had scenery, but not the kind of scenery that I USUALLY like to see. Rather than going for the dark, intricate Rocketeer approach, Etxbear made the scenery almost look like a physics puzzle game - all bright and cartoonish. If this had gone the wrong way it would have looked horrible. But luckily, it worked. It made the game have an original feel to it, as not many people have attempted that kind of scenery before - or not that I have seen.

The story seemed to play a major part in this game. Where ever I went there seemed to be someone talking to me. But most of the time, I didn't even understand what they were saying. At times the story was slightly confusing, as the characters weren't really introduced very well, and most of the time I didn't know who or what I was talking to. But apart from that, the actual base of the storyline seemed pretty good.

In terms of gameplay, this game impressed me on the most part. Even with all of the speaking characters and story, Etxbear still managed to give the player an exhilarating experience. The game was very fast paced, and enemies were constantly coming at me like swarms of flies. The only downfall of this was the Etxbear thought that he could bombarde me with extra lives and power ups which resulted in a big lack of challenge in the game.

Now, this may not be the case for everyones computer, but due to the amount of graphics and scenery, I did notice some quite bad lag in certain parts of the game. In a lot of parts, there was unneeded scenery, which just made the game laggier and slowed down the gameplay significantly. I think Etxbear could have thought about that when making it, or maybe could have removed some extra scenery afterwards.


Thumbnail __/_____:

Graphics ____/_____:

Scenery ____/_____:

Story ___/_____:

Gameplay ___/_____:

Lag _/_____:

*Final score* 17/30

NOTE: Sorry this isn't my best review, I just wanted to write a review since I haven't done in a while. Better reviews are coming soon.