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By wordigirl :: Tuesday May 29th, 2018


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Welcome one and all to Wordi's spectacular new gameshow called.... ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST. This musical chairs style gameshow guarantees everyone will win a prize, but whoever stays til the end will receive the BIGGEST most coveted rewards to be won. Here's how it works... Each intricate mission will require brains, speed, and gusto. Everyone will have a chance to complete each challenge. The last person to finish will be eliminated, but instantly win an awesome consolation prize. EVERYONE WILL WIN PRIZES!!! Even solely in signing up, you are entitled to win: An automatic thank. An Official WordGirl Sesquipedalian Award. 2 Custom Shiny Gold Mainsite Awards. A mention in my next video. A super secret surprise! and.... And an opportunity to win: $50.00 USD. An online gift card of your choice. A special feature in one of my videos. Up to 20 Custom Shiny Gold Mainsite Awards. Up to 2 forum awards. Even more to be announced! Stay tuned!!! The more people sign up, the more prizes will become available! You can even customize your experience by adding your custom color, avatar, nickname etc. When I reach 20 participants, a sample challenge will be issued. No one will be eliminated, but the winner of the sample challenge will receive a random amount of cash between $5.41 and $34.78 USD via PayPal or gift card of choice!!! The game will officially commence Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at around 1:30pm est Have you got what it takes?,522624.0.html


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