The Intricate Labyrinths of Sector1

By wordigirl :: Friday November 24th, 2017


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MY LATEST PROJECT! Just a preview/demo of my concept. Look out for better graphics and more levels to come! Thanks for playing!!!!!!!!! You are a lab rat. A greedy scientist has placed bets on your life. Dr. Gregory Stevenstein has built what he calls an impossible labyrinth to prove that rats are incapable of path finding under pressure. To exaggerate this theory, he places upon you an explosive collar that will detonate if not deactivated by the sensor at the end of the maze in three minutes. If you are unable to escape, you will cease to exist, and the council will award Dr. Stevenstein heartily for the exposition of his groundbreaking theories, but if you pass, the decorated scientist will lose his place on the prestigious board of The Committee of Rytalways, and be sent back to psychology class to gain the knowledge he lacks.


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