Users Who Play ROBLOX. Please Look

By yourfriendlyguy :: Tuesday March 18th, 2014


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If you happen to play ROBLOX, thanks for looking here, because I have something to tell you. You've been bringing up what some jerks call "free models", have you? Well, listen carefully. Some users have been placing joint to joint or whatever "Viruses" or "Infections". These Viruses and Infections cause your Game Place to slow down gravity and your ROBLOX Place's objects at a slow rate. Your Robloxian isn't affected, but every object that moves, is affected. Keep an eye out for these. Look through every model you get. Delete the Infection or Virus from that model, and then test. If it keeps lagging the gravity and the objects themselves, contact ROBLOX by E-Mail. I myself has had the gravity lag before, so you should understand what I mean. I thank you for reading. Please keep this in memory.


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