commando mission 1 pre prequel

By yournamehere2323 :: Wednesday March 17th, 2010


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Drug cartels from Mexico have invaded Honduras. The Honduran government is getting paid by the cartels, and therefore is helping the cartels. The United States cannot declare war, as that would bring all of Latin America into the war. Instead the have to use commandoes. More specifically, CIA. The agents enter Honduras from the south, and work their way up the isthmus. They infiltrate rebel groups supporting the exiled president, and start a rebellion. You are sympathetic to the rebel cause. When the cartels kill your relatives, you go on a vendetta. You join the agents and kill patrols. Then you take the fight to the enemies camp, you attack the Honduran government. If you win, you will be gauranteed a place in the CIA, if you lose, you die.


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