By yugioh101 :: Tuesday May 15th, 2012


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The museum is quiet... as the two heros look around at the dark shadows cast by the artifacts, paintings, and models set up along the halls and rooms. Mich the owner and Zeke the young Adventurer are looking over a sbleep of npaper on the table. The map to some of the most anchent and most valuable items in American history! But as the twon begin discussing and studying the map, the walls and roof suddenly line with ropes and falling men with gus sliding down them. "KID!" yells Mich, tossing him a gun and drawing a luger. The two start shooting the endless wave of men until the attackers stop. A man in black with a cane comes from behind a pillar. "I must admit Michal... you've done well for yourself. but..." He sais, grabbing the map and turning toward the door with 2 torches filled woth fire on each side. The gunners tie the two up and leave. The evil man in the black suit knocks the fires out of the torches with hisn can and leaves, laughing like a maniac. The two watch as the yeatrs of investing, saving, and exploring... burn. Though mich wants to cry, he relises escaping is top priority. "c'mon kid, We gotta get my npocket knife off the table before it gets burned up!" Mich yells, as the two begin to scootch together across the floor towards the table. Oncer they reach it, Mich reaches his foot up and strains as he tries to get the knife. it falls from the edge and the fires consume the table. Mich scootches cbleep, grabbing the knife and begining a slow and nerve drawing saw into the ropes. soon, the two are free and the ropes tossed into nearby fire. They grab guns from the dead gunners and salute the american flag behind them as itn burns away. They turn to the now burning and crumbling museum and ready to get out, get the map, get the treasures to repair the museum, and kill the men responsible... Get ready for an adventure...


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