Crazy Worlds Air World

By yugioh101 :: Saturday September 18th, 2010


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ITS HERE!!! Crazy Worlds: Air World it is awsome! ok. you can say it, what is the storyline? well, for saving there galaxy, the people of the past planets you saved (including King Snarly) built you a go home pod... you land after a long ride only to find yourself standing on the planet o2, aka air world!!! you freak out, you kinda had high hopes for all this, but in your rage you kill a bat, in scarce timing, all of the animals and natives flee up to the air base... but scince your still angery, you head off to killn there leader!!! but little do you know king Snarley is hiding from the path of the ninja kid, lets call him keith, on this planet, so in your rage you decide you will kill king snarley...


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