asylum chapter 1 lost memories

By z0mb13slay3r1998 :: Monday April 12th, 2010


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"Get up, NOW! Jack, they will kill you soon!" An twenty three year old, english female voice filled my head. My eyes swung open and I found my body on a bed in a cell. "Wh-what the hell?" I stuttered. I held my hands up in front of me and saw a strange glow slice through the darkness. "What is going on?" I asked to myself, not like I'd know the answer to my own question. "Where am I? Who am I?... What am I?" I wondered. "There is a guard, you have unique powers, you have me. I am the reason your hands are glowing, I am... Telekenisis." The female voice was back. "You can move objects with your mind, kill the guards, unless you want to be shot to death in the courtyard." She said followed by a little giggle. Suddenly a sharp pain stabbed me in the head like a knife. It was enough to make me cry out. The door blasted from its place and one of the rails impaled the one of the guards. blood redecorated the walls and the floor. "GET HIM!!!" One of the guards screamed. Then came the pain again, and this time I slammed a guard into a steel door, causing it to dint and the third and fourth guard were crushed together and thrown to the ground. I picked up an M4A1 rifle of one of the dead men and went to the elevetor. As I reached the top of the ride, what I saw was horrific, it was inhuman. It was a large, lizard-like creature. It clawed me across the chest, causing blood to gush out of my open wound, it was over. I fell to the floor as my vision started to blur. "Jack" The voice said in a calm, comforting manner. "You're not dead yet, your special ability can make you live longer, get up!" She said. Suddenly a surge of energy gushed through my penetrated veins, my vision was back to normal, I was alive. I stumbled to my feet, time to fight, the mutant tried to maul me again, this time he was sprayed by a barrage of lead. the first shot bust through his chest, the next went to the throat, third was the stomach and the last shot lay between the eyes. As I went down the stairs ahead, there was a heavy armoured guard. No match for me and the voice in my head. He aimed his gun at me... OOPs! Backfire! "The door at the top of the lift needs a key, get to the vents into the experiment room, it'll take you to the sewer, where the lab is.


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