Haven City: Return...Sounds Cool. Spidapig Is A Very Good Gamer, And Can In Courperate Lots Of Good Ideas. Lets See How He Did...

Review by zas04 on Saturday, September 4th 2010
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Haven City: Return is a game created by spidapig

Pre thoughts: Well, I've played all of his "Haven City" games and they were all pretty much good. And now, lets see about this one...


When I had started the game, a huge storyline came up. I thought it was a waste of time to read, so, I just walked past all of the messages. lol. The first puzzle was intresting, there was a poly switch poly blocking the teleporter. And no green switch to be found. So, I noticed an enemy guard walk by, and it somehow hit the green switch! That was a very good iddea spidapig!

Next, the pushers pushed me into acid which needed to be blown up, and well, I had to get through that part somehow. So, you must shoot the acid. And then a centipeded blocking the way, and somehow I got away without killing it. Not so great placement. :/ The games purpose was amazing.

I love the way you have the original map and then at the end of the original map, there is a teleporter and it leads to his own creativity map. I liked the style. The game was really challenging, I mean come on, we've gotta give that to him. There was good enemy placement, but, in some places, could get improvement. There was also great object placement. I mean, the bounce poly's, perfect placement. :D

Overall, 8/10.

An above average game. Deserves a feature if it can get beaten.

Ending thoughts:

It only lagged a little bit, and the enemy placement could improve in some spots. But, overall, pretty nice map, I liked the game!