Adventure Site 2 Part 1

By zoracreator :: Thursday September 13th, 2012


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Adventure Site 2 Description) After one year of the assault on america, and Jimmy's action secretly passes into similar politics, he starts all over, with his pet owl. AW YEAH! But as usual, a general forces jimmy to forcefully be apart of the general's attack force. All Jimmy has to do is to evade the general's army so he can do what he wants to do, live life. But can he do it while be apart of something he is trying to escape? End of description.) My Friends told me about the music. All i'm trying to focus on is 10 years and tool. THATS IT! For me, they fit perfectly with the story and (my opinion) fits with the game. If you can tell me anything about the games music it'll be great. But it has to be, of course, rock or soft rock. Metal maybe. But thanks for playing! If the game is to long just comment your score.


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