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By zoracreator :: Saturday September 22nd, 2012


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Description for Adventure Site: On the year 2000 (unknown date) was a hidden new super armageddon weapon to hold wars to an end, blackmail, and bribes, but only the "Secret Mon City" (The New Montana Archipelago) Had power over the bomb. On the year of 2009, the bomb went missing into space by an assault on the government of Secret Mon City. To avoid serious political problems to all countries in the world, The Government hid the failure of possession of the bomb. But until 2025, the bomb , secretly, entered earth and terminated moor than half of earths population, and shifted all continents into a Pangea (one continent island, SUPER CONTINENT.) For a full 5 years hidden underground, for the people who did know about this and who did saw this coming, the aftermath wasn't at all terrible. It ruined a terrible Earth into a new better world. Most people saw this as a good thing, others not so much. Now after 35 years, 11 moths, and 13 days, a 2 people family are departing, to fix the world it was used to be. Jimmy Nollet, who was 23 years old and never encountered the world Earth used to be until DAY-BREAKER SHOWDOWN VENUS (The day the bomb landed) unlike his father, Who did see the past of earth. But however, in cases like these, Jimmy find himself into trouble with Gangs, mutated people, and outsiders, and soon finds himself seeing the ugly truth of the world. End of description. Thank you for playing my game. Yes, to the 103 people that played my last Adventure Site game, this game is a BIG difference. I added background, fixed the description, fixed many things. I am however deleting other games and it is very hard to do that because they are my brothers game and he did pass away, but he did tell me that, "When I do fix my games, I will delete the Great Valley, Some other games, yada yada yada." You get the point. But you playing this game really means a lot. Please nominate, vote, maybe even review and feature (which will be so freaking awesome mainly because This game took me 7 1/2 hours non-stop to fix) well whatever, that would be so awesome. Thanks again and later. And yes I made dead ends in the game. That means if you go to a game over trap, itll be impossible to beat it. If you encounter one play this song. (If the games it long and doesn't show your score, tell me what your time is when you beat it.) NUMBER 2 ENDGAME IS OUT! PLAY IT!)


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