Block Zora The Story of the End I

By zoracreator :: Friday September 2nd, 2011


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Block Zora Chapter 1 lv1. There are different types of worlds in this universe. There is theEarth world.(3d shooter.) Chronicles World. (platformer) outer earth world. (Shooter.) And dimension world.(physics.)The most populated one is dimension world, but more people more criminals. On the same exact day, there were so many bad people in the world. No one could get away from them. sooner, they all took over. You, who had been to all worlds, have been successful of dogging all the obstacles that came to you, most of them lucky. But now you came to an attraction to the criminals. Somehow, they were able to capture you and lock you in. But how stupid people are these days, you just need to get out of here. You been in worst cases, but this one could effect the hole entire sploder economy. Your mission: Locate Geoff and bring back the dimension world back. But now you need to escape from the mountain you been on. The way out is to blast off to space. Chapter 2 lv2. You found a little golden man on the way. You looked in surprised, no blocks were shining with gold. "People change now because they show who is good or bad. But look at you. Your blue. What does that mean?" you look at yourself. Blue. Blue in the world means Zora. Zora means hero. Chosen. You ignore and listen. "There is a lot more golden people you need to find, we know what happened. find us and we will tell geoff what happened." Evidence, perfect butYou are still in the mountain but almost out. you need to go to the exit cave and go to the space shuttle. Chapter 3 lv3. ITS SPACE! ZERO GRAVITY! all you need is to find a golden person or a ship to get out of this world. Chapter 4 lvl4. When you got the golden block man your ship broke down. You are still in the same world."Blue!" Yelled one golden block. "Im here." you said back. "What happened? We are still blocks! We need to go to geoff. He is in the outer earth world." "Calm down. He just need a single. Ships are going to be hard to find but singles wont be. Lets keep looking around." But when you looked, the criminals had a secret hideout. There is no doubt that there is a golden Man there. Chapter 5 Level 5. This was strange. this man had nothing compare to the other blocks. the other blocks had stories such ad the criminals coming to their world, but this one said "The man in blue, oh one with destroyed temple, gather us to be powerful more powerful than the creator." To solve it all up, there lied another secret dimension in this world. Gather up all 5 golden man and know this power.To be continued. Thank you for playing part 1 and play my games!


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