Block Zora The Story of the End II

By zoracreator :: Sunday March 24th, 2013


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Block Zora II Lvl2: When you collected the golden block guy nothing happened. "Whats going on?" said the golden block man. "we have all the golden blocks, what do we need. look! one two three four five….. wait? what?oh no! we need one more golden guy!" "your serious!" you said. "i thought there are only five!" "well theres not! there is six! lets keep looking around to see if we found him." after a day of looking you found him! he was gold to see you. "guys!" he said! "im here!" you looked at him in surprised, he was locked up, impossible to get him out. "ok man," you said "i will need your help to get out." "ok man! lets do this!" Lvl3" You got him out. but something is wrong, their powers did not work. "this is not good!" the man said. "ok then, we need to go to geoff! i believe he is here!" "what?" you said. "he is here?" the man you just got said "yeah! he is dealing with the criminals in this world. all the other worlds are safe, but this one is in danger. all we need to to is go to the capital to contact him then use our powers to stop them!" you looked at him hoping he is right, so you followed them to the capital boarder. the only thing is, " HALT!" It said. " YOUR MINE NOW ZORA!" "Oh no!" the golden man said "the bio weapon! we need to kill the men who control it to pass!" lvl 4. the sploder boarder! this is it! all you need to do is pass the boarder and you reach geoff! lvl5: the golden men have told geoff about the riots. they formed together to create one gold block. put them in the gun to shoot their powers. lvl 6. as the powers of the golden men fire, all hell was terminated. everybody who was in the scene of the fire had died. the only thing to do was rebuild. rebuild the new world.(yes, im nice to let you copy.


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