the solar system. my facts

By zoracreator :: Saturday October 2nd, 2010


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The solar system is about 1.6 light years. in the middle of the solar system is the sun, a bright star. the first planet is mercury, the smallest planet in the solar system. since it is the closest planet to the sun, the heat is about 400 Celsius and the night is about negative182 celsius. venues is about the same size of earth, but the surface is deadly. venues has a poisonous and acid atmosphere that makes the ground so hot. even nasa's probes could only be on the surface for a short time. earth is the planet we live in. it is the only planet with life. long ago, there was great volcanoes and lava everywhere. then dinosaurs came and roam the planet. then an astride about six miles wide changed all that. it blocked the atmosphere that the sun couldn't penetrate for a thousand year. you should know the rest. mars is a red planet that we think has life on it. we saw ice on the bottom glob of mars. mars has a rocky surface with dust storms. we tried to sent some people on mars, but im not sure we did yet. Jupiter, the biggest planet, is a big ball of gas. there is no surface on jupiter and it has heavy gravity everywhere. if we come close to jupiter, maybe 500 miles close to it, the gravity will get us and pull us in the planet and we will be torn apart of the gravity. it also has 1 ring around it. it is so thin that we cant see it. also it has a big red spot a big thunder storm area. saturn is the second biggest planet. its like jupiter, a big ball of gas, but im not sure that the gravity will pull us. the only thing different from astern is that is has over 1000 rings. :o! Uranus (it means something els) is a green ball of gas that is cold and freezing. i don't know a lot about Uranus (hahaha) but the core temperature is hotter than the sun. neptune is a blue and very cold planet. i don't know about neptune, but it has a dark blue spot. pluto is not a planet. thank you for reading about the solar system. tell me, am i a nerd?:(


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