Game Boosts Rules

Game boosts are meant to be fun and competitive, but to participate you must be honest about making games. In that spirit, we've put together a short list of rules everyone must follow. If your game doesn't pass all these checks, then it will be removed from the auction (and all future auctions) and you'll be refunded your entire bid.

  • Games that encourage hacking or promote ‘glitches.’
  • Hate games, bullying games, games that insult other members.
  • Games encouraging violence or violent acts towards a person or group.
  • Games that are misleading or click-bait (i.e. Play this to get to level 250!)
  • Games that promise rewards. (i.e. Play this and get a platinum award!)
  • Games with no interactivity. (There must be something for the player to do.)
  • Games that violate any part of our Terms of Service.