The Best of All SploderThe Best of All SploderMembers: 2499 | Rank: 109046

The Best of All Sploder founded by Tommy123. A group where you can make friends and have fun! =)

L's OpsL's OpsMembers: 2339 | Rank: 100549

[Loulaa's Ops] Ranked 6th.

SGN --- Sploder Gaming Network ---SGN --- Sploder Gaming Network ---Members: 2820 | Rank: 91206

Talk about the SPG. SPG is in the title so figure it out on your own. Owned by Clight

SAP3SAP3Members: 2513 | Rank: 90703

Owned By sap3

Gaming MafiaGaming MafiaMembers: 1202 | Rank: 79353

The largest mob on sploder with over 1000 members in it's ranks. Join the mob and you'll instantly be cool

Professional GamersProfessional GamersMembers: 1064 | Rank: 78443

People at leveles 10 and up can join the Professional Gamers. you can say what ever you want unless its somthin to me thats bad ha. then your out. Owned by Bdawg09

We are LegendsWe are LegendsMembers: 1264 | Rank: 76271

Made by 1twenty1guns. When you join, you're one step cl_ser to becoming a Sploder Legend!

Nice PeopleNice PeopleMembers: 3160 | Rank: 75194

Best frens

lvl's 50lvl's 50Members: 451 | Rank: 69818

Are You Level 50 Or Higher? Then Join The Highest Ranked Level 50 Group On Sploder! Accepting All Apps!Don't Forget To Join Gordon101112's Group!

Oddworld InhabitantsOddworld InhabitantsMembers: 875 | Rank: 68129

Oddworld fans right here, chat and ask, made by Pluton...

ITALY & Co.ITALY & Co.Members: 719 | Rank: 65323

Renzi, Berlusconi, Pizza, Mafia, Spaghetti for all!

Hot MembersHot MembersMembers: 1325 | Rank: 64787

One of the first groups ever made. You are more than welcome to share your games and ideas!