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Hello! If you need an avatar/anime come to this group! I can make both animated and unanimated avatar graphics. Please note that I need more time to make premium avatars than regular (free) avatars.

Sploder Dies in a Week. - by rockyroad797
Stuck in Google - by thewafflelord
The Wicket - by rockyroad797
The End Teaser - by pantanilla123456
Delivery Rush - by mountainmonkey1
This is Goodbye - by pantanilla123456
Pickaxe Test - by vaxan
Pistol Test - by vaxan
Building Blocks - by vaxan
Geometry Dash Ship Test - by vaxan
Copyable teleporter - by vaxan
TS2 Boss 2 One Hit - by vaxan
Time Square 2 Boss 2 - by vaxan
Dont break the glass demo - by vaxan
Time Square II Boss 2 - by vaxan
Skypiea - by robygamesro

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