AirforceAirforceMembers: 181 | Rank: 32026

"Above All" Lvl 60 or higher to join. Owned by Lonnie. Join my groups:Navy-Page 4, CoastGuard-Page 4

The group who wins awards monthly!The group who wins awards monthly!Members: 239 | Rank: 30902

We are 5 ☆'s in coolness and whoever doesn't join this group SUX !!!

The Legend Of SploderThe Legend Of SploderMembers: 264 | Rank: 30758

Legend Tells Of A Youthful Warrior who saved Sploder and Mankind. Many Years Passed and the hero disappeared. But will a New Hero appear? Leader Faisal908 Co-Leader Hasiman

Members Lobby v. 2 (Blue Legend)Members Lobby v. 2 (Blue Legend)Members: 411 | Rank: 30581

Or other wise known as Legend 3.0. Owned By Blueliberty Co-Owned By Tia2000 Co-Co-Owned By fibal98 Co-co-co-owned by Seanhi JOIN TODAY OR BE G@Y! Group ranked no.41!

Sploder ForumsSploder ForumsMembers: 555 | Rank: 30431

This group is for all Sploder Forum Users: Please, No noobs.

Sploder StarSploder StarMembers: 207 | Rank: 30423

Sploder star group means is 'Star of sploder'. In my group, you can chat with my group friends, play game or the other things. JOIN NOW! by brian0629

My Mommy Says I'm specialMy Mommy Says I'm specialMembers: 183 | Rank: 30294

Owner: Cian009 | Does Your Mommy ever say your special? Well if she does or doesn't you can join this group because my Mommy will say your special :)

The over 70's groupThe over 70's groupMembers: 178 | Rank: 30258

Founded by jeremyhg you have to be level 70 to join though.

Red EliteRed EliteMembers: 162 | Rank: 30119

Red Elite. No trash talking, or you will be kicked, you will be replaced in a snap . Play other members games. Don't do drugs, Respect other members of the group, .Owner joker300. Level 50 to join.


A group for those who love being random! Founder: JMACCULLOCK23 Advertising Allowed! 226 Members! ALL NEW MEMBERS LEVEL 100 & OVER WILL RECIEVE AN AWARD!!!

The Sploder TimesThe Sploder TimesMembers: 281 | Rank: 29591

Group made by Creatingames. Advertise, chat and share your games. Join the Sploder Times today!

Resident Evil PlanetResident Evil PlanetMembers: 306 | Rank: 29330

Owner: residentevilrocks, Co-owners: dito95, legorifat258, thebest1221, glitchmaster2 . Welcome to Resident Evil Planet! Anything's possible here! Daily questions, contests, lottery, and more! JOIN!