just4lvl100just4lvl100Members: 147 | Rank: 29150

you can only join on one are level 100 or more. You could be randomly selected every 1 or 2 weeks for an award if you are talking and participating in the group regular (owner: xxcjxx)

Devestators Delta Sector (The DDS)Devestators Delta Sector (The DDS)Members: 570 | Rank: 28781

The DDS accepts all requests and has group contests also if you're in the group you can ask me to request other people to join the group too. no swearing. owned by chocolatebunny12!

Artstation100 fan club :)Artstation100 fan club :)Members: 287 | Rank: 28638

These are my lovely and adoring fans :)

the level groupthe level groupMembers: 386 | Rank: 28585

any level can join you can do whatever u like made by blowbackgamer

Alien GamersAlien GamersMembers: 406 | Rank: 28566

Once you join you will become one of the pro gamers. Anyone can join, just send a request. Owned by melonman.

The Best Game MakerThe Best Game MakerMembers: 287 | Rank: 28487

Who think is a good game maker can join this group

FutureMillionaire's MillionairesFutureMillionaire's MillionairesMembers: 393 | Rank: 27831

♚ The Millionaire Kings ♛

The Minecraft UniverseThe Minecraft UniverseMembers: 341 | Rank: 27695

Welcome to Minecraft Universe. The #1 Minecraft community group

Fantasy UnofficialFantasy UnofficialMembers: 314 | Rank: 26601

Nothing is impossible. To achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.

UtopiaUtopiaMembers: 391 | Rank: 26164

Play games, chat regularly, and advertise freely. Does it get any better than that? --owner: zinc--

Anonymous LegionAnonymous LegionMembers: 278 | Rank: 26039

We Are Anonymous We Are Legion We Do Not Forgive We Do Not Forget EXPECT US!!! (owner liharris30)

Ryanthelion's GamestopRyanthelion's GamestopMembers: 368 | Rank: 25900

Do you like awesome games? Join my group and you will experience the best games you've ever seen! Owned by ryanthelion.