Death AddersDeath AddersMembers: 426 | Rank: 23279

Mad Z's Clan. Description changed, because it is just starting up I will accept all requests.

White WolfWhite WolfMembers: 341 | Rank: 23253

this is a group made by junkpunk (me), and i made it because i love white wolves and i hope you all do to.and please no swearing, in this group you can talk about anything not just white wolves.

To join you have to be over lvl 10To join you have to be over lvl 10Members: 248 | Rank: 23217

To join you have to be over lvl 10 NOTE SPAM IS BAND

₱oḳἕY₱oḳἕYMembers: 323 | Rank: 23161

We back bruh

da best of da bestda best of da bestMembers: 154 | Rank: 23042

must be level 50 to join

Nintendo LoversNintendo LoversMembers: 433 | Rank: 22994

If you like nintedo, or you own a nintendo system, this is the group for you. Created by pizzajoe.

KickKickMembers: 558 | Rank: 22862

We Put The KICK Into Our Games ;; Owned By Reflection

First Sploder GroupFirst Sploder GroupMembers: 545 | Rank: 22685

This is the first Sploder Group. Who knows how long it will last.

The GOOD Side of SploderThe GOOD Side of SploderMembers: 327 | Rank: 22381

this group is for the ones who are in the GOOD side of Sploder, to show who is nice, if someone is in problem, this group will help him get rid of the bad members.

Halo SpartanHalo SpartanMembers: 314 | Rank: 22009

This group is for people who don't just like Halo, it's for people who like any gun and violence game.

The Republic Alliance of PlanetsThe Republic Alliance of PlanetsMembers: 240 | Rank: 21845

All accepted. NovaCaptain:CaptainAlex. GalaxyCaptain: Lila225. Sgts: CommanderCody3857, JSB97, JamBoy23. Allies:sploder government, clone crops, *_Da_$hadow_Killaz_*, The No. 1 Sploder group everrr!

LeveL 20 PlusLeveL 20 PlusMembers: 224 | Rank: 21625

anyone who is level 20 or above join this group you could win a tribute or reward! You must join in conversations and play other members games to qualify for a award: created by xxcjxx