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Talk about whatever you want here, but I like people talking about Pokemon Generation 5. Known as Pokemon B&W.

when u try to not feel depressed - by ju44
BTW You Can Friend Yourself - by ju44
King Crazy 4 Realzies - by ju44
King Crazy Is Evil! - by ju44
A failed black hole. Now its a star - by ju44
An attempt at making a fish - by ju44
An enemy for a project I am making. - by ju44
Power Up Prototype type 2 - by ju44
Power Up Prototype - by ju44
Drop the Bottle - by ju44
Mini-boss test - by ju44
Ju44s New Intro - by ju44
The Temple Of King Jack demo 1 - by ju44
Project CLASSIFIED Large Demo 1 - by ju44
Portal Gun V.1 - by ju44
Kiss.  Walkthrough Version - by ju44

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