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Any ideas for more ''The Longest'' games? I'll give you one award if you have a good idea! -by SuperDuperShane-

Ascend The Tower - by hitlar
Classic Shooter Contest! - by alonessix
Lava Maze [Minigame] - by alonessix
Tribute to Levelorange011 - by alonessix
spiderly cove M2 - by hitlar
I'm Back in buisness - by hitlar
Bounce2 - by sumedha962
Tribute To All My Friends.. - by sumedha962
Save The Princess - by sumedha962
The Quiz About Me UPDATED - by sumedha962
Play This - by sumedha962
Bitter Cold Demo - by alonessix
The Game - by tomkroon
Bloody Shade 2 - by alonessix
Jump Arcade Creator Demo - by alonessix
Kong dong - by tomkroon

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