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we celebrate sploders 7th birthday every january 28th and part of our S navy is a proud group names DEATHLEAF,THUNDERLEAF,SCEPTILE,R.I.P CHOWDER,PANDAK,NEAL,POKEMONPLAYER2,TRALLGUN, also found by him

Give Selena Gomez a Haircut - by pandak
Give Justin Bieber a Haircut - by pandak
My First Retro Arcade Game - by maxliam
Cookie Escape - by maxliam
Pacman Original - by maxliam
Best PPG Platform test - by deathleaf
Cries Of Hell - by deathleaf
London Olympics 2012 special - by deathleaf
Survivor - by deathleaf
Level Up Glitch - by deathleaf
Leafy Celebrates 100,000 views - by deathleaf
500,000 Views! - by maxliam
Boss fight - by deathleaf
Sector 1 - by maxliam
Trallgun is leaving. - by trallgun
Spirit of vengeance. - by trallgun

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