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Only the best of the come here and make it in so if you think you got the stuff to make it in this group then try to get in if you dont make it your jest not worth it. owned by SPOSE

Toxoid - by cxrest
Outlaw 2 - by cxrest
Rip - by cxrest
Quarter - by cxrest
Multiverse - by cxrest
Test - by jackboymogura123
Good Morning, Space Cadet! - by blonk
Balloon Man DEMO - by jackboymogura123
I Care Not For Your Windpipes - by blonk
{.Embitterment.} - by jackboymogura123
25,000 Friends - by jackboymogura123
70 000 Friends - by vaxen2
The Underground Venture. DEMO - by jackboymogura123
Cosmic - by cxrest
Grasshopper - by cxrest
Mawaho - by cxrest

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