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Anyone can join this group! Here I will be announcing new games for people to play. You can even give me suggestions as to what games I should make.

Battle for the Imperial Eclipse 8bi - by beast4321
RTS test - by beast4321
Chronicles of ancient darkness - by beast4321
Battle for the Imperial Eclipse - by beast4321
Color Catcher DEMO - by wetfrodo
IfThereWas Only 1 Member in Sploder - by sploderscience64
Test Your Luck - by sploderscience64
70 000 Friends - by vaxen2
IM BACK. - by crazybotgames
Future of Sploder and Beyond - by sploderscience64
Summit - by autumnwinter
Summit DEMO - by autumnwinter
Sploder Mysteries. Case 005 - by autumnwinter
Sepulchral - by juniortennis7
Merry Christmas - by firesawdust
Epic Racers 2 - by beast4321

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