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This is a group creted by Megazzz.....I dont know what to say

Anguish - by ckmbud
Mindlock II - by lumberjay
GIGGITY - by megazzz
I HAVE A SECRET.. - by glitchmaster
MESSAGE TO ALL YOU FANS - by glitchmaster
Gravity - by lumberjay
My First Retro Arcade Game - by maxliam
Sato's Realm - by lumberjay
Glitch 36 Frozen Game .MEGAGLITCH. - by glitchmaster
Corruption EZ - by lumberjay
Corruption - by lumberjay
Tears Of Joy .SIMPLIFIED. - by ckmbud
Zelda Mini Game Spectacular - by lumberjay
Golden Souls - by lumberjay
Reincarnation - by lumberjay
Cosmic Shooter - by lumberjay

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