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Review by 0minutes on Tuesday, May 28th 2013
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Crash of the Ninja is a game created by sto4

Game name: Crash of the Ninja by Sto4

Type: Puzzle platformer

Reviewed by: 0minutes


Hewwo. Get comfy kids, because you're entering the review train! Want a drink, some food? Want a cup of tea? Oh my, I'm starting to sound like a Britain! But that's not too bad, that's good, isn't it? You know what else is good? An epic puzzle game that has not been featured, but in my opinion deserves to, a game by the one and only Sto4. Crash of the Ninja. Plat creator. Out now. And this is the official review, so, enjoy!


Sto4, or by his forum name, just Sto, is a pretty awesome member with a strange name. Like, I mean really; Sto? What is that anyway? In my country that means table, so yeah, a game by Table4. Kinda strange, isn't it, haha. As I excepted from Sto, the game brought be to life. A puzzling life. This is simply one of his most puzzle games that cheer you up with some pair of grenades, switches, tiles and monsters, but mostly grenades. That's Sto's style, what can you do? A simple puzzle guy. Maybe, honestly, it isn't that creative but it's hard and challenging. And he well deserved the fame and popularity on his games, congratulations. But, when I played this game, I felt like it was different like the others, well yeah the puzzles and switches and other were the same, but this one produced some positive energy and it produced fun atmosphere with a bag of challenge and entertainment. So, that's why I'm reviewing it, I want to show you, well not show but type you what I felt. What is it? Well we don't know. Please tell us? No. Well yes, but not now, I'll tell you guys in the Game-Play or something else, we'll see. Okay enough philosophy, let's get to the Game-Play. ;3


As always, I am going to number all of the positives and negatives. In other words: decorations and walls, lag in the game (if there is, of course), enemies and enemy placement, power-ups, puzzles and game name, haha. Alrighty then, the Game-Play. There wasn't too much lag in the game, but in some parts, I felt like the game stopped, like it tripped in some parts. Well, maybe it was my computer, I have no idea. But it could be lag because there was a massive number of puzzles and traps. But, for Sto's luck, I will not consider it. :D Then the walls and decorations. They were pretty nice, but Sto payed more attention to the puzzles and traps that he forgot the real beauty of decoration. It makes your game shine and shows it real beauty, with all the walls and statues and the decoration stuff. Sto just picked some purple-blue tile, and started. A little bit of spider webs, a small number of statues, and there you go. I'm sorry to say, but I don't like the decoration and walls. The enemy placement was excellent, well made. You couldn't escape them, so, that means; they were well placed. Sto picked some nice enemies, I liked them. Really brings out the hard part of the game. He used them for puzzles too, haha, great! I didn't see too much power-ups, maybe from 2-4 power-ups, which is in the middle. It's not good when there are too much power-ups, because it makes the game easier, but yet it's not that good when there are just a bit of power-ups, because the game gets harder... I think Sto could have added maybe 1 more heart or something. I'll consider the power-ups a B , maybe. Name game, Crash of the Ninja, boom! Crash! Oops, I broke something. It was alright lol, brings the game to life if you ask me. I saw some user the commented; 'A ninja game with an user with a ninja name'. It sounded something like that. So I guess Sto4 is some kind of a ninja, haha. ;) Anyway, the game name was okay. And nowww... The puzzles and traps. Well, if you ask me, I would say: 'One word. Brilliant.' Some wheels, cbleeps, elevators, a bunch of switches, traps, that's totally Sto's style. I really liked them, they were really challenging. So guys, that was the Game-Play. You'll see the scores in the ratings.

A Bit of Scenery?

I liked the scenery in this game. I really don't like when games are in dark mode. It makes your game lag more, it's dark and you couldn't find your way and you can't see anything. It's just... uggh. Ugly, haha. But I'm not saying every game that is in dark mode is stupid, it's just a bit messy. But this was awesome, Crash of the Ninja didn't have any dark effects, it was a sunny platformer puzzle game, and you could see everything for a change. Alright, that was a bit of the scenery, now... the ratings.


As always, I will be detail and rate the game by my style.

Enemy Placement: 9/10

Enemy Pick Ups: 8/10

Power-Ups: 5.5/10

Walls & Decoration: 2.5/10

Puzzles: 10/10

Traps: 9.5/10

Game Name: 7.5/10

Interest in Game: 8.5/10

Overall: 7.5/10

Feature Worthy?

I think this game hasn't been featured by any caring Editor... In my opinion, this game deserves a yes. It was fun, interesting, and I hope some Editor will stop by and take a precise look at the game. So, yes, I think it's feature worthy.

Bye bye :P

This was another review by 0minutes, review number 4, and I tried to make it a bit more interesting to read, simply put; better. Bye bye! :P


Crash of the Ninja Reviewed by 0minutes on Tuesday, May 28th 2013. #3 Reticence - A game review written by 0minutes for the game 'Crash of the Ninja' by sto4. Rating: 3.5