GTAFreedom City Part 1 Demo

By 123tanman123 :: Monday March 23rd, 2009

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You are a convict on the run after your brother was killed by Guiseppo Malvicho. You were on a rampage for months killing everyone in sight. The FBI came to execute you, but instead you killed the whole team. Now 6 months later you are on your way to Los Angeles. You notice many men in black suits. You then black out....... In 5 min. everyone knows a serial killer is on board and the FBI gets their AK-47s ready. You strap a bomb in the very back in the bathroom and decide to jump the airplane. First, You plan to kill the FBI, but then you realize you only have a double barreled shotgun and a Machete. Now as You, Jake Hurtlee, will surrender or jump the airplane?


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