TheLoneWarrior: The Escape

By 2009257 :: Tuesday July 13th, 2010

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As a kid you were always by yourself. But you never needed anybody's help. You have came through the long hard challenges that life has put against you. Your survived all of these tasks and you have been rewarded "Warrior" status. You were always by yourself so you decided you were going to become "TheLoneWarrior". One day you were on a normal stroll through the park. As normal you were very paranoid. *BANG* *Building comes crashing down* Your look around. So many people running around, frightened. *Another big BOOM* *You fall down passed out* You wake up in an empty room. *Random voice starts to talk* Hello, TheLoneWarrior. You know to much. You are in a old battle ship. This ship will blow up and sink all the way to the bottom of the ocean in 15 minutes. Your goal is to get out of here in 15 minutes and pretty far away. Can you do it? Who knows? You must decide your own fate. Good bye TheLoneWarrior. Your adventure begins here.


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