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Review by 2009257 on Thursday, June 10th 2010
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Hypno is a game created by cyclone43

The provided description had an interesting story line. Now lets see if this will come into place with this game. I expected a lot from Cyclone in this game. Lets see if he will give me what I want.

I was right. Let me start off by saying this game was hard. O_o. Let's start with the beginning. I wouldn't call the beginning a puzzle but it is a great challenge where you can't make one wrong or if you do that will affect the whole gameplay. I found that much of a challenge.

May I say that this game is great. The action is amazing. But there is parts with lag. A con that probably would changed the grade of this game is lag. There are rooms with many enemies that basically makes you feel like your going in ultra slow motion. Another main con is glitching. I glitched out during the mid half of the game. Again that will change how I grade this game.

But lets talk about what was good in this game. There is parts I wouldn't exactly call puzzles but their challenges. The action was spot on perfect. It kept my heart pumping through out the course of this game. Another great thing that is in this game is the health placement. The way he puts the health and how much he puts leave you with just enough health to beat this game. I liked that.

The ending of this game was thrilling. All the action in the final battle to end this great game. Again this game was intensely hard so my heart was pumping all the way through this game and when I finally got that last crystal I was like "Thank you god."

Overall this game was pretty good. The action was amazing. But the two cons of lag and glitching brought it down. The game had excellent challenges now lest see how the final grade comes out to.




-Health Placement




Score: 91%

Final Comments: This game is a game I would recommend for people to play. It was a great game, near perfect except for those two small cons. All and all great job, Cyclone.