Attention Sploder Users

By 7grant2 :: Monday August 17th, 2009

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Lately users have been impersonating Moderators and Editors. I, one of the Moderators, am here to sort things out. Currently there are only FOUR Moderators. Their names are Thrash56, Checkthepan, Wxg58, and I, 7grant2. No one else is a Moderator so do not believe anything other people say. If you want proof of this simply visit the Forums. Now the other issue is people impersonating Editors. The ONLY way to become an editor is on the forums, and you will have to fill out an application. I can tell anyone who is an editor and who isn't. If you are not sure if someone is an editor or not simply contact anyone on the forums and we will tell you. It is also discussed here as well:


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